Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013

Let's help the economy!

Every town/country needs a harbour. Therefore I built one...and set it on fire...oops.

Here we see me starting building the harbour. In the background we see a lamp-thingy. That lamp is located right next to the path going from the mountain-house (last post) to the underground station.

Here we see the harbour-progress from the other side of the little river.

More building. I had to dig out the entire area and then replace it with cobblestone.

More replacing...

More replacing...btw: here we can see one of the red sheep I used for all the wool I needed xD got some on the main island aswell :)

*cough* cheater *cough*. No I didn't cheat. Only used the fly mod to show you a bit more of the place. Here we can see the entire harbour and the path that leads from the house to the underground station-

More building...



Staring contest with the sheep.

Lost the contest. Now proceeding to kill the sheep.

Harbour work, used fly mod again.

More building. Started removing the little hill so I had a flat area.

As I am using an enchanted shovel (what is that enchantment called that gives you the block in the state it was when you mined it? o.O).

 Picked up all the blocks. Now starting to put down cobblestone...

Putting down the cobblestone...


Nearly done...

FUCK YEAH! Finally done. Took me a few hours ¬_¬

View from the harbour.

View from above...I like using fly mod xD

I actually have no fucking idea what I am doing in this picture.......

Built stairs from the path to the harbour.

I built two stairs that are connected underground by this tunnel.

More tunnel...same tunnel btw.

Started building a house. Looks pretty fancy :D

Built a second house. Looks like the first one...

View to the water...

View from the path. In the distance we see the two houses.

Needed a third house...for no reason...

Sunset...or sunrise? I am not sure...

Building four more houses...

Picture from a rooftop. Sunset or rise? I have no fucking idea.

Got eight houses now.

 Added a fountain.

View from the path again.

 Burned the houses down. Looked fucking stupid. After that I ragequit and when I reconnected started a new building project.


Got myself some TNT >:)

Aaaaand the houses are gone.

We need more houses! (Let's get fancy)

A few weeks ago I started venturing from my main island to the mainland and found a really nice mountain. As the mountain was really big I knew I could build a lot inside, even though I didn't use the whole mountain at this point, but I built the main part of the house.

Here we see the mountain from a distance (note: At this point there was no path to the house, I built that once the house was finished).

 Here we can see the house from the outside. As I am a fucking idiot I forgot to take screenshots when I built this part xD

 The view from the balcony.

View from the balcony, this time to the house entrance/exit on the "roof".

This is the part where I am building the stairs that lead up to the first floor (from ground level).

The first floor in construction. Not much to see here yet, I started laying down carpet to have a basic idea of what this was going to look like.

More carpet.

The house from the outside again, evening time.

The entrance (ground level) to the house. I built a little garden under the balcony.

We got an intruder! The stairs to the first floor. And a sheep.

Check the inventory ;D not cheating btw. Everything was built with material that I mined/farmed or stole from the sheep :D

The house again. Screenshot taken from the mountain next to it.

I started building a little walkway on the first floor. There is going to be a way to look down to the ground level where I am going to build a big room with a fountain.

More building on the first floor.

Another intruder. This one was set on fire by my sword.

Finished the walkway on the first floor. The walls are gonna be replaced with wood later.

Another picture from the balcony. By the way: I changed the texturepack. I like this one :)

Inventory again. I sorted it out a bit and got the wool from my main house (on the island). Now starting to lay down more fancy carpet!

Here I am laying down the carpet.

Carpet finished. Walls were replaced with wood. Still need to replace the seiling though. Not really motivated to do that xD

View from the ground level. Gonna replace the floor with wood and the walls aswell.

Replaced the floor and the walls with wood. Added a bit of glowstone to get some light into the house.

View from the first floor.

Replaced the seiling with wood and added a bit of glowstone aswell to get the light :D

Here we have the newly build fountain. Used stoneslaps btw.

View from the first floor.

The entrance, in the background we can see the fountain again. These chests we can see here were removed later and relocated into a hidden cellar (just for materials).

The stairs to the first floor. To the right we get to the walkway and the balcony. The left way leads to the bedroom

And here we have the bedroom. Got myself a picture :3 Glowstone for light and flowers for the fancyness.

Here we see the path to the house. Added that about a week after the house was done.

Improved the glowstone aswell, as there were still monsters spawning. Now there are no more monsters spawning xD

And again a picture from the bedroom.