Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

Building a third island. Beds and stuff ;D

Once more I decided to build another island for my floating island thingy... As I am always building these islands the same way (first the top layer of dirt, then the other layers of stone) I think it's not of any use if I explain everything in much detail again. Therefore the text is a bit shorter this time :)

This time I start with the dirt path to pass over the grass to the new island

Then I build the main structure.

Fell off again. Fucking gravity.

Main structure finished. Starting with the stone now.

The stone is being placed.

Second stone layer...

Nearly done.


The grass has spread to the third island. The bridge is already built. Only missing the fence.

Deleting the dirt path.

View from main island.

View from the third island to the other two.

Starting building the "Bed house". It's the same style as the house on the main island.


Island finished, sun now setting.

Left the islands again, heading for the main land. This is the last shot, taken from a boat :D

Check out the post on the minecraft forums:

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