Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

Building a floating Island

As I am currently on summer holiday, I felt the need to build something awesome. Therefore I googled "minecraft floating island" to get a bit of inspiration, and then I started building:
First I built the top layer. That's the layer on which I am going to build the house and other stuff.

I built a construction under the top layer, so I was able to build the other layers under the top layer (those other layers were mainly made of stone).

The entire construction from a distance.

You can already see the island taking shape. As you can see I built stairs to be able to go under the island for further construction. The dirt-path that leaves the picture to the left was used as a connection to the mainland (in the background). This dirt path was removed after the construction finished.

Now we already have a few more layers and you can see that the island is nearly finished.

View from the dirt path.

View from the mainland. You can see where the dirt path starts and how it is connected to the floating island in the background. You can see that the main structure of the island is done now.

As the main structure was done, I started adding the first little things: A pond and a small field for wheat.

The construction on the house is in full process.

Working on the roof.

The house is done.

I added a few trees and made a waterfall from the little pond. This way you can get onto the island (you take a boat until you arrive under the island and then you just swim up the waterfall). As you can see, the dirt path (connection to the mainland) was removed.

I hope you liked this little view into the building on my minecraft world. I think I am going to add 2 or 3 other islands to this and then connect them with this first island.

I will also post a few pictures/posts on other buildings that I am working on or that I already completet.

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